Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Lessons for #AfricanEntrepreneurs: Mupuya’s story touches on key issues

·        Pricing – set the right price and be flexible to adjust.

·        Customer relationships – build and retain loyal clients and customers by delivery, pricing and quality.

·        Market – understand the market for your product. Mupuya now owns 5% of the market.

·        Delivery – be on time!

·        Quality – attention to quality of the product

·        Staffing – put in place an effective management team – finance director and business development manager

·        Competitive Edge – know your competitor and develop your own competitive edge

·        Distribution Network – building an effective distribution network for his products in the local market.

·        Branding – he built the YELI Paper Bags brand in Uganda

·        Market Expansion – Rwanda is the only country on the continent which is completely plastic free.

·        Production – balance between mass production, bespoke and innovation.

·        Payments – finding customers and clients who will pay on time.

·        Capital – bank loans have high interest rates and short time in which to repay from the revenues generated by the business.
·        Starting – start now!

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